Denim is a wardrobe staple no doubt, but mastering the art of pairing it together is not always an easy task! For someone who used to loathe the idea of wearing a pair of jeans, I tend to wear the “Canadian Tuxedo” trend more than you’d think. To refresh your memory, that’s when you wear a jacket and pants both made of denim. Sound like a bit much? That’s because it can be if you’re not choosing the right denim.


The best advice is making sure that the washes are working together, not clashing. Would you ever pair your darkest pair of jeans with a light wash jacket, or vice vera? I don’t think so. On the other hand, you don’t want to do a wash that’s too similar. This isn’t a denim suit or toddler’s ensemble. Stick somewhere in the middle. I’m wearing a denim jacket, from Levi’s, that’s a medium wash with lighter patches and undertones. With J.Crew denim that’s more of a true blue color, it’s similar but different enough to show some contrast.


These jeans could easily go well with a darker jacket too, an item I’m in desperate need of purchasing. The jacket could go with a more distressed pair too. Even though it’s not my style per say, gray and black denim usually work well together too! Another thing to think about it, is what your pairing with the denim. Neutral sweaters, tops, and shoes are always best. It helps the eye visually accept that you’re wearing two denims.

All this denim talk is making me want to shop! New outfit posts and some special partnerships are coming soon! Happy Friday!


Photos: Callie Craig


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