That’s a Wrap

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a an affinity towards gift wrapping. Of all the parts of Christmas to love the most, I always gravitated towers the wrapping paper. Perhaps it was the colors, the prints, or the beautiful presentation.

Through high school and college, and into adulthood, I’ve been the self designated wrapping paper chooser, coming up with a “theme” and finding papers, ribbons and message cards from various stores and online to match. I remember thinking last year, how can I top this in the years to come?

For many, including myself, 2020 has just been about making it through. It made me push a lot of creative endeavors and personal goals to the back burner. A few months ago, I decided to make a list of big and small things I wanted to accomplish this year, so that 2020 wasn’t a total wash. Designing wrapping paper was at the top of the list ,and hence this project was born.

Introducing my first Holiday Wrapping Paper Collection! All drawn and designed by me, these sheets are a perfect addition to your small gift wrapping needs this year. This collection has three styles:

Dairy Christmas

Dairy Christmas: Inspired by my love of putting together charcuterie boards, this is perfect for a festive foodie!

Holiday Spirits

Holiday Spirits: Drink Up! Your favorite sips for the season are all in included in this print!

Can I Steal You for a Sec?

Can I Steal You for a Sec?: A paper worthy of a first impression rose and inspired by The Bachelor, my ultimate guilty pleasure!

Interested in ordering? Head to this link for pricing and shipping details! Here’s to gifting in style this season!



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