Autumn Afterglow

Fall has arrived in an official manner as of Tuesday, even though it feels as though it started weeks prior. It’s an understatement that the months are seriously going by faster and faster, and it’s mainly due to the the time warp we’re all living in this year.

As much as it’s frustrating that summer went by in a flash, fall is my favorite season and when it comes to fashion, it’s when I thrive. To kick off the start of the season, I got a chance to style some pieces from Express and love how it came together

Corduroy was a big part of my wardrobe last fall because it’s an easy, durable material that often adds texture to even the most basic of outfits. I like how this creamy khaki color button down can really go with anything. Against a dark denim or pant, it’ll pop, but for a more cool and crisp approach it can go with light or even my favorite, white denim.

Joggers, or something with a drawstring aren’t my usual fall pant go to, but I like how the faint plaid print, with a slight sliver of burgundy gave this pair a more sleek twist. It doesn’t hurt that they’re super comfortable too.

Plus, with that Corona-15 being a real thing, an elastic waste band isn’t the worst thing to get through this fall and winter.

I’m looking forward to implementing both of these pieces into other fall looks this season.

I’ve been making a bit more time for exploring new fall styles and have some other looks and projects planned for the season that I’m excited to share here, so keep on the lookout for more updates as we get fall into gear.

See you then, TW


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