Perks of Being a Sunflower

Where did summer go this year? Seriously, the fact that it’s already September is truly mind boggling, but hey, we can blame the pandemic for that, right?

When a season, and at this point, a year, has almost gone by in the blink of an eye, it’s important to savor even the smallest moments. A few weeks ago, my best travel bud and book-insta genius, Megan, and I were in desperate need for a day out of the city and low and behold, on our way to Lake Geneva, we stumbled upon a glorious sunflower field.

First off, I wasn’t aware sunflower fields were the pumpkin patches of the summer, but all to my benefit. We snapped a few dozen photos frolicking throughout and loved every second of it. The field of canary yellow served as the perfect backdrop for this new Zara striped denim shirt.

There was something about this little trip, the colors, the simplicity of enjoying flower picking and just the act of “exploring” that I so desperately missed. I hope I can find more moments like this throughout the fall and the rest of the year, to not make it feel like a total wash.

So here’s to taking this fall and rest of the year to devoting more time to the little moments and achieving small goals in order to leave it feeling successful and more fulfilled.

I’m excited to challenge myself and see what I can accomplish throughout this uniquely difficult year we’ve all had.



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