Summer Late Bloomer

Before I begin, I wanted to give a quick shout out to everyone who has been reading and reaching out to me about the relaunch! I’ve always been lucky to have great support from my friends and family with all of my creative endeavors. Kind words and encouragement make doing projects like this worth it. Now, back to business.

I think we’re all aware that Mother Nature hasn’t been the kindest to us lately. In Chicago, she’s decided to deliver a heat wave like no other at the end of September, a time that’s usually reserved for crisp winds and the leaves changing colors. Chicago’s officially a summer later bloomer it seems. How can people enjoy their pumpkin spiced lattes everything when it’s 91 degrees out? The jury is still out on the answer to that, but I’ve got more important problems at hand. One being how to dress through the heat with fall fashion in mind.

Falls Meets Summer

With the itch to dress for fall but a temperature scale off the charts, it’s all about compromise. Color palettes are an easy place to start! I personally pick out a few colors to build my wardrobe around each season. This fall, I’m trying to wear shades of green and more tan tones. Although Labor Day is over, I’m still wearing white (sue me!) because it’s an easy summer staple that you can build a fall look on.

Option 1: A bomber, which I feel is typically a fall jacket, can easily be thrown onto a lighter weight summer top for a night out. My green leather jacket is a great weight for when the temperature finally takes a dip. (far left photo)

Option 2: It’s too hot for a scarf, but it’s never too hot for a bandana! I may be late to the bandana party but I’m still showing up. Although it’s trendy, when worn in a neutral print and color, it can show you’re ready to embrace another layer of fashion without it adding to much heat. Plus, it’s honestly a very inexpensive accessory.

I hope your start to fall is a little bit cooler than mine has been! These looks might be working, but I’m ready to really enjoy fall fashion, are you? I’m heading to Los Angeles tomorrow and look forward to sharing my travel agenda after! In the meantime, you can follow along for photos and trip updates at my Instagram here.

Until next time,


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