Back in the Habit

Hello, hello, hello, it’s been quite of while since I’ve actually had time to sit down and write a post, let alone create anything at all. Ever since my trip to Europe in July, it’s been a crazy summer of navigating balance and realizing the amount of work it takes to truly juggle it all….

Time after Time

The holiday season might not be kicking into high gear for a few more weeks, but I’ve already got them on the brain. No, I’m not just thinking of my wish list or my busy travel plans, I’ve been thinking about the lessons that the holidays teaches us. If you’ve been keeping up with my…

Yes to November

An update on what’s been happening as I get ready for my favorite month of the year, November! Gift guides, travel and more to come.

Changing Course

Earlier this week, I mentioned that my visit to Los Angeles was a huge success. Not only was it sunny and relaxing, but it represented a new path that I’m setting myself on. It’s a path I’d already been working on over the last couple of months, and getting back to blogging was a part…