Strike a Cord

We’re practically a week into November which means we’re in fall’s peak season. All the leaves have changed, the jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs have been put away, and we’re snowballing into Thanksgiving!


It seems like one of the biggest trends this year is corduroy. I  used to think corduroy’s were a bit too traditional, revered for that pair of pants I’d have to wear around the holidays as a kid. Times have changed, as they often do, as it seems like corduroy is everywhere for both men and women. Instead of adding corduroy back into my closet in that old traditional sense, I’ve added it through this easy button up at Uniqlo. It’s such an accessible layering piece, as much of Uniqlo’s pieces are, that I  bought it in three different colors. If something works, buy multiple options. I’ve linked it here!

I  loved how this deeper red color pops against my new favorite pair of fall jeans! These were a major steal, at only $19 at the Urban Outfitters Surplus. The striped detail is a trend that carried over from last. Having denim details make even the most simple of outfits a little bit more unique. Places like Urban or even ASOS hare great options for similar styles.


Looking forward to embracing fall styles with the proper weather to match, especially in these new pieces. Be on the lookout for more fall looks coming soon!







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