Mustard Must-haves

Summer is not my season. It’s always been to hot, too long and too busy for my liking. The minute the clock strikes fall, I’m immediately back at ease. For the remaining weeks of summer, I’ve been in such a style slump. Knowing my favorite clothing season has been around the corner has helped some.


Even though I haven’t been enjoying summer fashion as much, I’ve had the chance to start working towards this season. Color has always been the best place to start for me. This year I’m trying something different with my color choices. Usually I stray towards colors I  know look good on me (blues, greens and maroons) but not this year. I’ve noticed an uptick in mustard yellows, browns and even reds for fall and I’ve decided to hop on board.


Mustard, for starters, is a color I’d much easier see on a hotdog than on myself but I’ve been pleasantly surprised when I  paired it in this fall look. With my suede jacket (Zara makes a version of this jacket every year) and striped Topshop pant, similar here, it has the right amount of contrast.

Not all colors look good on everyone, (shoutout to Orange) but it’s always worth the effort in trying. In this case it was worth the payoff. I’m excited to share more fall looks and how I’ve been taking some color risks in my wardrobe this season.

Stay Tuned,



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