Express Yourself

Last month I had the opportunity to work on a spring look for Express, and today I’m finally able to share a little bit more about the look. The timing of the partnership couldn’t have been better, as spring was finally making an appearance in Chicago and my closet was in desperate need of something new.

As mocked by Miranda Priestly, wearing florals for spring might not be “groundbreaking” but it certainly works for a reason. I loved this floral printed button down in the sage color since it felt more like a neutral and less bold print. The real pop of color was added with these dusty pink pants. The fit and material are great for summer, not too bulky but still put together enough for work. Other color choices are here.


Back in high school and the early days of college, I  was known for wearing bright colored pants. Hot pink, mustard yellow (why?), orange (also why?) and turquoise to name a few. Finding this softer option made me feel like a more mature version of myself. That’s one of the many reasons I love personal style, there is always room to evolve.

The shoes are my new summer favorites from Topman. A slip on loafer in a soft grey color, that go with pretty much everything I’m wearing this summer. A similar pair is here.

I loved the chance to come up with this look for Express and have another opportunity to work with them later this summer so stayed tuned for more. As June is winding down, my agenda in July is heating up. I’ve got a really big trip coming up and I’ll be sharing more about that too!

Stay tuned,


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