Leave it to Levi’s

Happy June everyone! Before I  get started on today’s post, I  wanted to extend another thank you to everyone who read my Pride post that I  kicked off this month with last week. Being vulnerable regarding something so personal is not easy, but the texts and other messages I received were so kind and sweet. I plan to share more pieces like that going forward!


Back to today’s look, I’m leaving it up to Levi’s. A denim jacket is essentially necessary these days. Mine’s been snagged from Urban Outfitters on sale about 5 years ago, and it’s served me well since. The wash has always served me well and it paired perfectly with shades of sky blue for an easy spring to summer look.

This jacket isn’t exactly the newest piece in my closet, but denim jackets only improve with age. Adding something custom like a patch, or pin is a really fun way to give it new life. I  took that sentiment a little further by having mine embroidered. A local pop-up shop was doing custom embroidery and I decided to get a cheeky phrase “Fuck Off” put on the back collar. It’s easily rideable but a fun way to show off my, at times, feisty personality and really claim this jacket as my own.


The top is a light polk dot print from Club Monaco. A Club Monaco sale is honestly my secret weapon. The quality of the clothes is better than the average, but so are the prices, so just wait out and pounce when the sale is right! 😉 I picked up that shirt during their mid season sale months ago. To mix and match patterns, I  slipped on my favorite striped van-like shoes from Brooks Brothers, a pair I  grabbed in the fall. A similar pair is linked here. Pattern play is actually one of my favorite trends, especially in the summer, since it’s all about having fun and trying different colors. The khakis help break up the whole look.

I’m loving all the possibilities that this nicer weather is giving me in terms of my wardrobe. It’s warm enough for lighter fabrics, but cool enough to layer! Looking forward to sharing more summer looks this month!






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