Suiting Up

Mayday, mayday! Truly it’s a crisis that all May long I’ve been so swamped and haven’t had anytime to post. I figured it’s better late than never and I  finally have the time (and looks) to share some spring style!

In my line of work, wearing a suit everyday has never been and probably never will be a part of my requirements. With that said, I  always envied my dad for having the chance to wear a suit and tie each day. There’s something about a suit that says “I  run sh*t” and it’s an attitude I’ve started to adopt with more work confidence.


Since taking on more responsibility, I  figured a spring suit would be the perfect blend of business and casual. With a spring-summer suit, choosing khaki was a no brainer. Khaki suits work for this time of year because they can go with anything.

Need it for a wedding? Check. Need to use the blazer as a sport coat? Check. Need to have a pair of khakis on hand? Check. Although you can use these pieces separately for so many events, my goal is to try to wear it as a set the most. In this look, I’ve given it a springtime twist with a floral print from Zara. By choosing white sneakers and holding off on a tie, it feels more laid back.


The most important tip of all though has to be fit. Having a suit custom built just for you is definitely more of a splurge. This piece is from Banana Republic Factory and was 40% off, a deal I couldn’t refuse. (Pieces here and here, and discount is even better now) Upon trying it on in store, I  knew the blazer worked, but the pants needed some help. Investing in having the pants tailored was a must.

Suiting up requires you to invest in something that’s going to be used over and over again, that can be mixed and matched with a lot of your existing pieces and to wear with the best accessory of all, confidence!


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