Garden Guy

Remember when I said I’d be manifesting spring through my wardrobe…. well it’s not working. (case in point, it snowed on Monday :/) Although it might not be as warm as I’d like, I’m still feeling inspired by florals with another look, similar to the one from last week. 

Shooting these pictures at Garflield Park Conservatory, with hundreds of botanical elements surrounding me, was a fun and new take on camouflage for me. To me it speaks to a larger concept when it comes to my fashion choices, wanting to blend in while simultaneously standing out. 

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

The lesson here is to work on finding a personal style that feels uniquely you, while also following more conventional style rules. (if you so choose) I  always have to keep in mind that fashion is only fun if I allow it to be. With such a “loud” print comes a lot of responsibility, mostly in the form of confidence. It’s the best accessory you can possibly wear with any outfit. My advice is to take a risk and be bold, especially as we (try) to transition from the winter blues and into spring hues.

Keep the base of your outfit, in my case jeans and brown leather boots, simple, so the print is the focus. Florals have really been inspiring me lately, but so have other colors. I’m excited to share more spring looks as it slowly warms up.

Happy Friday,


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