Flower Child

I know what you’re thinking… flowers for spring… groundbreaking. All joking aside, flowers do feel pretty groundbreaking, especially when it’s still snowing here in April. Again, I’ve got to manifest spring in my wardrobe in order to get in the spirit.

This shot was actually taken at Chicago’s Garfield Park Conservatory because it’s one of the only places in full of florals right now. Usually I’m wearing florals that are more Hawaiian inspired or pastel in nature. This past winter, I started investing in what I considered “winter florals”. That basically means the base of each print is darker, like black, navy or even this evergreen.

Processed with VSCO with e3 preset

I’ve found this approach to be a good one. I snagged three floral print tops from Zara over the holidays, on sale no less, that I’ve been able to hold onto all season long. I’m loving this new take on florals because it feels a bit more modern. Each print (you’ll see the others here soon) goes with everything from dark jeans to cords, and of course your summer shorts! I’ve found some great options here, here and here.

In city like Chicago, I’m made it my mission to make even the most trendy of prints or styles work for as long as possible, even florals. Think about longevity, the material, and how many pairings you can make with a floral print top. Hoping this style gets your spring wardrobe to blossom!


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