Spring It On

Have you ever wanted something to happen so badly that you’ll do just about anything to manifest it? That’s me with… everything spring this year! One of the only major downsides of being a Chicago resident is a never ending winter and this year is no exception. It feels like it’s never going to warm up.

Each year, around this time, I’ve had enough of the wool and gray sweaters. Overtime, I’ve developed the idea that if spring isn’t going to present itself, then I’ll have to. That means wearing more florals and color, to give the idea of spring. Spring is all about a mindset to me anyway.


Today’s look is a great transitional effort as it combines the layers that the temperatures require with the colors of the true spring season. Denim of course is a great place to start, as it really is adaptable to all season. My chambray shirt falls on the line of winter and spring, and when paired with a lighter colored dress pant, crosses over to spring.

Another spring staple is a great denim jacket, or in my case, this khaki one. I’ve had it for years and it never fails me. The color feels fresher but it doesn’t lose its ability to layer. Khaki is a great in-between camel and your summer whites. I’m also really trying to implement greens to get the feeling of spring, without looking like the Easter Bunny. (Not that I don’t love that look)

Let’s hope that this look, and more, will give the sun a hint to come out and play as I charge through a cold March and into April.


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