One of my favorite things about fashion and clothes, is that with each new step in life, comes a new stylish privilege. Moving to Chicago from Florida meant getting a new coat, snow boats, and other winter friendly items. With a new job, came the valid excuse to finally get a work bag or in my case a briefcase. Ever since I could drive, I wish that I could have a bag to house keys, phone, wallet, and other essentials that wasn’t a purse or high school backpack. In Chicago and in my travels, I’ve seen so many great bags, backpacks and briefcases out there that have given me serious bag envy. Today I’m “de-breifing” you on the best bags and where to find them.


Sometimes when you know a brand that kills it, it’s hard to go anywhere else. Fossil is that brand for me when it comes to leather! My bag(shown) is an older model but when it came time to find a work bag, I  only needed to check out Fossil! For your first work bag, black or dark leather is best. A lighter leather will eventually darker, keep that in mind! Similar style here. 


Back Packs:

I’m seriously loving the fact that backpacks are no longer just made for the hallways of high school with Jansport emblazoned on the back. Leather backpacks feel like they’re everywhere, and my favorites are from Coach.

Although I  don’t have a a leather backpack now, it’s on my fashion bucket list.


I  remember back in the 6th grade, walking past the TUMI store and seeing a backpack that I was ready to die for. $250 later, the bag was mine and lasted me 4 years. The point of this anecdote is that TUMI is a great place to look for a travel bag needs. Look for brands that either have a great warranty package, since travel bags are put through the ringer. Lululemon also has a great travel bag my friend recently turned me onto! Similar Style for Tumi. 


Customize your look by monogramming your bag or adding a tag (my friend gifted mine from Coach) which is a super fun way to add a personal touch to your bag or backpack! Many bag companies can monogram for you, but so can many local shops.

Alrighty, maybe that wasn’t a “brief” post, but it sure was helpful, right? Now you know what to grab next time you need a bag! Enjoy the first week of Spring, hopefully it’s warmer than mine is here in Chicago!


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