It’s about time

It’s been a busy March so far, with little time to put together some blog posts, but it’s about time I change that. Back in November and December, I  showcased an up and coming watch company based right here out of Chicago, Wolfpoint. Wolfpoint’s timepieces have local roots and design elements that come together and create a classic and sophisticated timepiece.

In a world of so many watches (on Instagram)  it’s important to find  watch I actually want to wear. The Hayes watch that I’m wearing jumped out immediately to me because it its a great reflection of my personal style. The leather band and gold are speak to classic menswear and watches, while the navy face is a little more unexpected. I  always admire a little of both.


I’m looking forward to seeing Wolfpoint establish themselves in Chicago and beyond, with such a quality product and great customer service. Be on the lookout as I  incorporate my Wolfpoint watch into more looks. As a gift to you for reading and following along with me, use the code WOLFTW20 for $35 off your watch order.

See you later this week for more spring looks,



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