The Write Way

Maintaining a blog requires a few things…. creativity, photos and of course, writing. I’m no author, but I’ve enjoyed the process of improving my writing skills through blogging. I’ve always appreciated the art of writing, and it’s emotional sentiment. Whether you’re doodling to relieve stress, keeping a travel journal or sending a thoughtful note, there’s something special about breaking out pencil and your favorite pad of paper as opposed to typing on a laptop.


I recently found Oak+Ink, a Nashville based gentleman’s stationery store, that I could not be more in love with! Stationery is a lost art in my opinion. I remember picking out my first stationery at 11 years old, and continue to send hand written thank you notes and messages to friends and family after every birthday.

Oak+Ink has a variety of classic designs with a modern touch. Whether it’s more nautical and outdoorsy or stylish and sophisticated, there’s a design for you! This is a perfect gift for yourself or someone else. I’ve been using the note pad daily at work for quick sketches and memos. The pencils with catchy sayings are fun as well and also from Oak+Ink.


The brown paper and sketched designs really make the paper feel more sophisticated than boxed stationary you can get at a big box store! I’m looking forward to writing more with Oak+Ink and here on!

As Oak+Ink says, Write On,


Photos by: Jenny Connors 


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