Much Love

Valentine’s Day is perhaps one of the most bitter sweet holidays. It’s full of chocolate, mushy love poems and for some, a large reminder of your state of being single. As someone who…. has never had a Valentine on February 14th, you’d think I’d be annoyed on a day that’s marketed toward couples. On the contrary, I LOVE Valentine’s Day.

It used to be a family tradition to have a Valentine’s Dinner, full of cookie cakes and pink and red gifts, making sure we always felt loved. In a time where it seems like we need love most, I’m a huge supporter of Valentine’s Day. I  take the day to embody a loving attitude and give extra appreciation towards those who love me. Sending valentines to friends and treating myself to some extra chocolate is never a bad idea!

I wanted to take today to share my appreciation and love towards everyone who supports and reads this blog! I  was extremely hesitant to return to blogging but with so many people giving me support and love, it’s been a rewarding process. I’ve learned that life is truly so much better when you love what you’re doing.

Speaking of which, this shot is actually from my new job, a place I  feel I can put my passion to work and another new love of mine. I  hope to continue this trend of new loves and loving the day to day! So whether you’re taking today to celebrate the love of your life, or the love in your life, make it count!

Much love and Happy Valentine’s Day,


PS- I’m also in love with this turtleneck, which is only $15 at H&M

Photo: Jenny Connors

Balloon: Paris312



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