Turtle Time

If you can’t tell by my face in this photo, I’m OVER it, and by it, I  mean the fact that it’s back to snow flurries and decimal temps in Chicago. At this point, 3 layers, daily uber rides and a winter coat are all necessary to survive.

Another necessity this season for me has been turtlenecks. There are a few pieces I used to shy away from and turtlenecks were one of them. I  always felt like they looked better on slimmer frames, and as someone who is…. not slim, the idea of having something more body hugging and high at the collar seemed like a bad idea. As the temperatures have dipped, I’ve gotten over that and embraced them as a great alternative to the sweater and button up combo.


The loophole with turtlenecks is to find one that’s made of a comfortable material with a lower neckline! I refuse to wear an itchy wool turtleneck because all I’ll want to do is get home and rip it off. Mine is from H&M and has a shorter neck, making it a little more breathable.

Paired with a toggle coat of the same color (from TopMan), gives me a sleek and monochromatic look. Throw on a scarf in your favorite color or pattern to break it up if you’d like! Anyone loving turtlenecks this year, I feel like I’ve been seeing more of them this season than last winter.

Check back later this week for another post,


Photos: Callie Craig 



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