The Year Ahead

Oh My My My, (seriously, cannot get enough of this Troye Sivan song) how is it already the last full week of January?! Is time ever going to slow down… guess not? I figured with this first month of 2018 coming to a close, it’d be nice to check in on how those resolutions I made for myself are going.

Those resolutions included living in the present, vulnerability and thinking about my career. They’re bigger picture resolutions but so far so good I’d say. This month has been busy, filling my work and social calendar and trying to get on even footing with the new year ahead.

Vulnerability and being present can be really difficult for me, as a perfectionist. It’s hard to not think big picture, or how one decision can lead to many more down the road, but I’m doing my absolute best to throw out that self written rule book. Especially in my relationships, both old and new. Everyone needs to let themselves off the hook every once and while, including myself. This goes for everyone out there dating too, considering that’s a whole other story for another day, but vulnerability is key with that too!

In work, I’ve been able to contribute to new projects and ideas that luckily have been implemented. Communication in your career is key and I’m learning that being your biggest advocate is the only way to succeed. Stand up for yourself, ask questions and make your voice heard.

In lighter resolutions, I’m still easing back into that “healthy lifestyle” I’m always saying I’ll start in the new year. *fingers crossed* I’ll be announcing a trip or two soon, my itch to travel is basically a rash at this point. (sorry for that visual)

2018 is looking pretty good so far! How are your resolutions going? Sticking to them or having a hard time keeping on track?

Here’s to the year ahead,


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