Start a Resolution

Allow me to be one of the first (of many) to give 2018 a warm welcome! What a year 2017 was, but just like that it’s over; in the past, perhaps a time you’ll look back at smile about, shake your head or maybe even laugh at.

Regardless, it’s about being in the present and today is January 1, 2018. With that being said, that means resolutions are here and ready to be started.(and hopefully finished) As I get older, it’s becoming more apparent that every year I’ll tell myself to get back on a diet, purge my closet, save more money, or make the decree of “new year, new me.” While those classic resolutions never get old, I’m focusing on resolutions that reflect a change from within as I enter 2018.

Living for Now: As I wave 2017 goodbye, it’s time to let go of any resentment, annoyances or self doubt that festered last year. Dwelling on what could have or should have been, is no way to start this exciting new chapter.

Vulnerability: I touched on this last week but it’s truly a time to allow myself to welcome new experiences and people into my life, and ultimately be more vulnerable. As creatures of habit, I think young adults are generally afraid of failure and stepping out of their comfort zones. It’s my mission to start making changes and accept that in order to get to the next step, I’m going to have to show some vulnerability. Whether it’s in work, or dating and relationships (SOS!) it’s the only way to see what’s out there.

Thinking Career not Work: As I continue navigating and searching for my ideal career, it’s an amazing time to devote a more consistent and through effort to the cause! My advice is to hold yourself accountable when it comes what you want out of your career because it is what you make it! The less we think about it like a chore, the easily it’ll be to find what you want.

Resolutions like these have no deadline, and they shouldn’t. It’s about how to better each day moving forward, without a timeline or countdown clock. I wish everyone nothing but positivity and success while trying to achieving your 2018 goals. I hope to write some success stories on here along the way with mine. I’d love to hear your resolutions too!

Nothing but the best for 2018,


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