Staying Merry

As I mentioned last week, the holidays are fast approaching. It seems like they near closer and closer each year. As the holiday rush gets even crazier, I think it’s important to think about how to maintain sanity in perhaps the most stressful time of year.

This year I’m staying as level headed as possible because the season in inevitably stressful and complex. For most of us, there seems to be some innate sense to provide and give out the best Christmas we can. Bending over backwards to find the right gift, suffocating our calendars with seeing each and every person we know before the clock strikes December 31st and lastly, leaving no room to just relax.

I was determined to not fall into that pattern this year, and it’s definitely made things a bit easier. In truth, it’s inevitable that you’ll be busy. Work and projects alone are going to come up, so will social functions, but it’s important to not take everything on. I was extra nice this year (hear that Santa?) and got all my big gifts purchased before entering December. It’s definitely helped slow the wallet from bleeding out like it usually does this time of year. Planning ahead and keeping your eyes open for the best deals is crucial.

Holiday gatherings and parties are the best, but usually that means your schedule is packed and now you’re looking for an ugly sweater to wear while also needing a quick bottle of wine to bring to the festivities. Remember that everyone is in the same boat, if you miss one gathering, no one’s holding it against you. It’s okay to say “sorry, I  can’t make it.” Sometimes the best gift is company, so make time in the new year to make it up to them.

Devote yourself to some downtime this season! I’ve really hit my stride in the bad Christmas movie viewing this year. It astounds me how horrible holiday movies are but it’s a blast to watch and commentate on every plot hole. You can thank Hallmark, Lifetime and Netflix for such gems. Christmas Prince anyone?

In the end, Christmas is just one day of the year, so enjoy it. Your friends and family just want to see you and enjoy your company. Hoping everyone is treating the holiday as just that, a holiday from your normal schedule.


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