Camel Classics

Every year it seems as though I know at least one or two people saying they’re in need of the perfect winter coat. I’m happy to report that I’m not one of those this year, with the help of the camel coat I purchased this past summer. *Seriously, one of my best shopping hacks is finding winer coats in the spring and summer at a huge discount.


This Ralph Lauren coat was just $99 in the middle of the summer and I’ve been thrilled to wear it all season long. Camel has really seem to become a fall to winter staple, almost becoming as neutral as charcoal grey or even navy. The minute I saw this hanging on the rack, I needed to take it home.

When it comes to camel, classics work best. In this look, a knitted white sweater and dress pants complete the look and allow the coat to be the focal point. When choosing to stick to solids, especially in the winter, textures are your friend. I’m loving these burgundy flecked dress pants because they’ve got a different finish than the typical trousers.


To add even more dimension, add your favorite patterned scarf to the look, it’ll pop on against the coat. Other details of the look include a Topman scarf, H&M sweater, and Frye Boots. You’ll be seeing a lot more of it as we head more into winter.


Photography: Callie Craig 

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