Get to the Point

In my opinion, watches have been, and always will be, both the perfect piece to signify style and that you’ve got your life together. We can all have the trendiest coat or the right shoes, but it’s a watch that adds the final touch to an outfit that says “I’m fashionable, but also timely.”

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of watches, primarily from household watch names, but I’ve just made a recent addition to my watch collection that began right here in Chicago!


Wolfpoint’s mission is to create a unique and quality watch without outsourcing production and capturing the essence and classic style of it’s founding city. As you can see, mission accomplished! After twenty years helping to create watches for other brands, Wolfpoint wanted to give Chicago it’s own watch. I’m loving the way mine works with everything in my closet. Sleek, simple, and sophisticated.

Smaller details, like the “Y” logo at the top, represent the meeting of the north, south, and main branches of Chicago River. (just south of The Merchandise Mart) It’s the same “Y” you’ll spot at the Chicago Theater downtown. It’s history and details like this that make Wolfpoint an exciting new player to the watch game.

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Regardless of if you’re in Chicago or not, I strongly encourage you to check them out! Women and men can purchase them by 2018, and you can sign up online for a special price upon their launch! I’m thrilled about this partnership and have high hopes for Wolfpoint as they make their debut. You can also check them out on my gift guide from last week. Special thanks to Callie for beautiful photos as always.

Happy Monday,




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  1. Cody says:

    Great post. Sleek watch. Nice work!

    1. TW Baker says:

      Thanks, Cody! Appreciate it!

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