Dark Times

Can you believe how quickly this month, let alone, this year has flown by? I blinked my eyes and it’s practically November! It’s safe to say I’ve fallen on dark times. Don’t be alarmed though, I’m only referring to the fact that I’ve changed my hair.

Perhaps it’s my affinity for Riverdale or just the need to change things up but I’ve crossed over to the “dark side” as they say. I’ve always loved the power of a new look and this hair color is the perfect way to transition into fall. It’s making me more eager to break out the boots and sweaters.


To usher in this darker era, I’m wearing one of my favorite H&M sweaters from last year. The graphic camel colored stripes are a great pop and blended in perfectly with this Lincoln Park backdrop. I’m so excited to start working with photographer Callie Craig, who captured some amazing shots of my new look.

I’m still getting used to the darker locks but it’s a great change that I’m excited to style and work with! Check out more of Callie’s work on her website. You’ll be able to see more of her shots here shortly. Another post coming later on in the week!



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