Falling Back into Action

I know what you’re thinking, another person that’s telling me that fall is the best season…. groundbreaking. But honestly, now that the heat has burned off, and if you’re in Chicago, the rain clouds have parted, it’s started to actually look and feel like Autumn is upon us.

Fall is not just dedicated to infusing every food we know and love with pumpkin spice, although it should be!  It’s much more than that. I always appreciate that “back to school” attitude that fall comes with. As mentioned in previous posts, I’ve been working to reset and this season is as good a time as any.

Now that leaves are changing, so should we! I believe that after a crazy year like 2017, it’s important to start thinking about how to make the absolute most of the last three months of this year. Taking inventory of not only your scarf collection or that impending wish list for Santa, but of some goals you want to achieve. Whether it’s about getting active, making the most of family time for the holidays, or thinking ahead for 2018, start now! It’s never too early to start thinking of what direction you want to take next.

Realizing that most of this year has felt a little bit like being in a rat race, I’ve decided to stop running and slow down. I can already tell it’s paying off. So stop and smell the roses  pumpkin spice. While you’re at, you might as well get in that classic fall trip to the pumpkin patch and have your make shift photoshoot, like I did.

Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more fall favorites, travel guides and looks as we approach Halloween.




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