Under the Influence(r)

One of the reasons I’ve been hesitant to come back to the world of blogging has been the idea of entering an extremely crowded market. Let’s be honest with ourselves, Instagram is probably the most popular app on your phone. Whether you’re sharing a ridiculous meme, stalking the contestants of Bachelor Nation, or posting your own brunch shot, it’s more than likely you’re running across a “social media influencer.”

The amount of likeitknow.it, avocado toast posting, floppy hat wearing “influencers” I see at my day job, and on my discover feed, is almost intimidating. After seeing the Audrey Plaza led Ingrid Goes West film last month,  I began to realize the true meaning of an “influencer.” I use air quotes because we have to ask ourselves, are these men and women really influencing us as much as anyone else out there? The movie was a breath of fresh air, putting into perspective that social media should never be taken too seriously and that they probably aren’t. A “like” cannot always be associated with influence.

With that being said, I’m not letting the fear of not being an influencer get me down! The term should all but be banned if you ask me, because we all should think about the influence we can make in life. Whether in work or relationships, let’s channel our energy on influencing better decisions there, not just on our Instagram feeds.

Whether it’s fear, envy, or sheer over-saturation of all the people out there on Instagram that look like they’ve got it perfect, remember that they’re under the influence too!


Photography from echoboomproject.com



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